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PROLIGHT is the successor of the legendary model Frog from which it inherits its fundamental characteristic that prolongs the blade on the foot pocket, but applying new materials and improved design. The result is a fin average dimensions, with surprising reactivity and high propulsive efficiency.

The lightness and balance of materials, combined with a very modern design make Prolight generous fin that provides exuberant performance with limited physical exhaustion. Very versatile, it is suitable for both novice and professional diver or the instructors and technical divers.

The blade comes directly from the top of the pocket flap joining the foot and transmitting all the effort generated by flapping without energy losses through soft areas. This format allows channel water from the same ankle to the trailing edge of the blade, unlike traditional models, in which the foot pocket has no bearing on the advance contribution. Besides improving directionality flapping, this design provides a performance between 10% and 15% higher than would correspond to the fin blade surface.

The combination of three different materials to optimize the requirements of each zone of the fin:


Main body of polypropylene: this material inherited from the fins of apnea, its main characteristic is the very rapid transmission of applied energy and high structural rigidity. It is applied to the upper and inner part of the sole sandwich. He is very nervous and reactive and provides an agile and effective flutter. It has a stress-performance clearly superior to traditional materials (natural or thermoplastic rubber, polyurethane, EVA) relationship. Also has a high resistance to breakage to the point that guarantees Cressi him for life for sports.

Elastomer Flexible: is applied to the foot pocket and areas that require flexibility and elasticity, as they influence the comfort of the diver: toe of the shoe, inside the sole and instep area in contact with the ankle. The merger of the two materials is done at the molecular level and its strength is guaranteed for life for sports.

longitudinal section "spina di pesce": this concept inherited from the fins of apnea, implies that the blade has a decreasing thickness as it approaches the tip. Thus, the recovery of tonnage, which induces flapping fin, causing a "whip" effect to recover the shovel. Also it causes bending of the fin is more progressive, improving directionality flutter.

Footpockets in three volumes, with the central area narrowed to keep the foot firmly fixed inside and transmission foot / foot pocket / shovel is direct and precise effort.

PROLIGHT is an excellent combination of:

- Power: thanks to its fairly rigid longitudinal composition.

- Speed: thanks to the benefits of polypropylene.

- Use of effort: thanks to its material and thickness profile decreasing to

- Manageability: given its moderate length.

Colors: Yellow, blue, black
Sizes: XS-S, S-M, M-L, L-XL

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ABG 172038
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Jun 5, 2004
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