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The new Evo Eyes covers the segment of divers and diving to the traditional versions of signature formats "Big Eyes" was big for his face. We are therefore faced with a very versatile size glasses, reminiscent in part to the legendary Focus in part to the Evo Big Eyes, and thank especially the followers of Cressi masks with medium and small factions.

This model enjoys the various cutting edge technologies of the firm:

Facial EVO with two different density silicone. a very smooth blend with Shore hardness 30 to contact areas of the base face and facial and a 2 second silicone mixture used for the interior lip of the skirt (shore 60) and retaining the strip in an attractive silver tone. This combination allows for greater stability of the mask, which optimizes the seal regardless of the movements of the face while diving. Lips face contact with declining profile to provide an extraordinary sense of comfort.

Mount greatly reduced thickness and weight with enhanced preorbital area to ensure the line of the plane of the glass area.

Buckles tilt in all directions with flexible in-house anchor mount. This system frees the tension of the strip of possible facial deformities and ensures optimum glass-eye distance.

15% inclined crystals with lower visibility that is practically unlimited without compromising superior.

Silicone Crystal, with complete transparency, a tendency to yellowing over much shorter time and almost no tendency to fog as it contains no silicon chloride, the component that causes the crystals greased cumbersome after assembly of the mask. This silicone Cressi exclusive, provides long-awaited benefits to the sector:

Transparency absolute luminosity provides a great interior, great aesthetics as well as product once placed in the diver's face (to value especially for underwater photography models)

Tendency to yellowing over time to 90% lower than in other types of silicone because of its unique chemical composition. Ensuring that the mask are 100% transparent but has been stored or exposed in the trade.

Is free of chloride of silicon, a component that causes the traditional and cumbersome greased crystals after assembly of the mask and must be removed to ensure proper use of the mask. Crystal silicone oils no screen and therefore has no impact on the tendency to fogging of the mask.

Has only 90cm3 internal volume (equivalent to apnea glasses much smaller) and visibility is very close to her older sister Evo Big Eyes, a relationship without an equivalent volume-visibility in the market.

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Mar 21, 2011
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