Console 2 Elements (Pressure Gauge + Depth Gauge)

Console 2 Elements (Pressure Gauge + Depth Gauge) Cressi

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Console of minimum dimensions that houses a mini-manometer and compass with the ideal angle for its reading in navigation. Minimalist casing made of reinforced thermoplastic rubber, highly resistant to abrasion and which allows easy replacement of the instruments for cleaning or maintenance. Ring at the upper and lower end for fixing the console to the vest. Pressure gauge with large, highly visible digits. Dial graduated from zero to 350 bars in segments of 10 bars. Particularly wide and precise segmentation from 0 to 80 bar. Measurements: Ø 50mm x height 17mm. Compass with a wide-tilting magnetic plate so that the reading is reliable even if the instrument is not perfectly horizontal. Luminescent dial, with subdivisions every 10º. The reading can be carried out looking at the instrument perpedicularly or through the reading peephole that allows greater navigation precision. Line of faith in red. Phased rotating crown, equipped with a double index that allows the course to be memorized. Complete Miniconsole Weight: 420gr (including HP hose).


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EKC 764550
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May 24, 2014
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