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QUARTZ is a vest designed specifically for divers who appreciate the essentials in their diving equipment and dive centres that value their image and the performance and image of their equipment. Simple, robust and efficient, designed with the needs of diving centres and professional work companies in need of a reliable product, with high resistance and cost restrained.

It combines a traditional structure with a remarkable accessional capacity due to its peculiar pattern that oversize the lobes and extends towards the hips. Its profile is especially hydrodynamic. It is a very balanced model in terms of resistance, capacity of the pockets, comfort and with a very contained price.

Its sober and elegant design combines neutral colours that can be combined with all types of equipment.

It is especially remarkable the rounded profile pockets, exceptionally wide and very accessible with robust YKK © 8 pitch zippers and bellows.

The axillary straps system and the low profile lobes guarantee great freedom of movement and that the entire upper chest area is free of oppression.

It incorporates version 2.0 of the LOCK AID SYSTEM ballast system, now equally safe and easy to manage but with a lighter structure that allows the BCD to be used also without a ballast system.

Extraordinary height/size ratio thanks to its new pattern with oversized side lobes to optimize the height / size ratio as well as the capacity of the pockets. Internal heat-welding with sectorization tubes to optimize the ascensional capacity: T / XS 12.2 kg, T / S 14.3 kg, T / M 16.3 kg, T / L 19.4 kg, T / XL 22.4 kg

Large capacity pockets with zip closure 8 pitch. 500 Denier Cordura. Cordura provides greater resistance to erosion due to long-term friction and lengthens the duration of heat-welding as it is more rigid than Nylon. This feature is especially important in dive centres where it is frequent the repeated inflating of the BCDs to the limit of its capacity.

Size shown in the shoulder strap. It allows a better management of the stock of school equipment and rental in dive centres.

Inflator with double air filtration system; under the connecting rod of the hose and around the valve. Easily removable for small cleaning operations even at the beach (sand entrance, etc.). Trachea with hose fixing clamp. Trachea fixation flap reinforced in thermoplastic rubber.

Ventral strap independent of the inflatable bag and the sash. It allows girdling to the limit with the deflated jacket without causing pressure in the stomach when inflating.

Elastic chest strap with whistle.

Minimalist backpack with thicknesses reduced to the maximum to lighten it. Ultra-resistant and semi-flexible material. Thermoplastic rubber cushioning for better bottle fixation. Possibility of double strap. Includes safety strap for fixing the bcd to the tank valve.

Reinforced neck to avoid possible tears due to falling bottles with the vest and regulator mounted.

2 drain valves (by puller) and overpressure + an exhaust valve from trachea with non-return valve.

D rings on shoulder strap and two rings on lower profile.

Very aggressive retail price. Special prices for school and rental operations.

Weight in kg: 2.60 (XS), 2.70 (S), 2.80 (M), 2.90 (L), 3.00 (XL)


Sizes from XS to XL

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May 13, 2020
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