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Exclusive Cressi Sub rubbers made and assembled 100% in Spain. They have been studied meticulously for use in high-level fishing and competition. Its composition, level of hardness and thickness are result of infinity of tests to different prototypes and the final product responds to the requirements of elite fishermen, in all type of rifles with any type of rod.

Its spectacular power is due to a combination of large diameter of 19.5 mm with a low hardness and a lot of progressivity in delivery. Its composition, diameter and the small diameter of the longitudinal cannula provide a great resistance to the pressure that also makes them suitable for deep fishing.

Latex: pure Malaysian latex without any load? Or mixture of impurities in its composition, only has the dye additive that transforms it into opaque black (only one gram stains 5Kg of latex). No load is added to its composition so as not to impair the natural characteristics of recovery speed and elasticity of the latex. The latex, once coagulated, is dried by natural process (outdoors) for a minimum of 40 days.


Its pure composition makes them have an outstanding elasticity which results in an accompaniment of the homogenous rod, thus increasing the reach of the shot and the inertia and penetration capacity of the same, with a reduced loading difficulty compared to other gums Lower yield. Precisely this elasticity allows easy use of short measures (naturally depending on the tastes and ability of the fisherman), increasing the pushing stroke of the rubber on the rod, which factor places it in clear advantage over traditional rubber, especially the upper ones diameter. Extremely resistant to the action of ultraviolet rays, nitrate and ozone, as well as intensive use for a long time without loss of performance.

Exclusive manufacture with straight tube: unlike the rest of manufacturers, the Cressi latex gums are perfectly straight, being produced in short strips of one meter in length instead of long rolls that imply lower manufacturing cost but a longitudinal section always Curved

Paired: it is a very manual and entertaining process but that influences notably the performance of the rubber. The pairs of gums are made taking into account both length and their hardness, so that these are as similar as possible to avoid differences in the speed of contraction during shooting with dire consequences for accuracy. Thus, the difference of hardness in the same pair is a maximum of +/- 1 shores and the length of +/- 0.1mm.

Finishes: finishes of the ends completely rounded avoiding the traditional defects that prevent the easy threading of the rubber by exceeding the diameter of the thread surplus.

Bushings: duralumin anodized for superior strength and ease of threading and avoid the expansion and possible ruptures of the bush common in large diameter gums.

Measures: it is produced in measures studied for rifles with tube of 60cm, 75cm, 90cm, 100cm, 110cm and 120 cm.

Presentation: screen printed in white latex to identify the article and vacuum blister for easier exposure in the store and isolation from the outside.

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