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After successful Leonardo and Giotto, Newton is the third project designed, developed and produced in Italy at 100% by its subsidiary Cressi Elettronica created 4 years ago. It is a computer clock fully modular construction, extremely robust and reliable format. Cressi has all the quality control of the product to be fully developed and manufactured in Cressi Elettronica, both in terms of programming Software as construction and manufacturing, quality control and after sales service.

It is an elegant and versatile proposal, under its aspect of modern and attractive watch a complete dive computer that stands out for its versatility hides. Suitable for advanced or technical diving but surprisingly simple for the average diver for their supply of information clearly and simply diver.

stainless steel case and ABS anti mixed impact. This composition allows great lightness, shock resistance and aesthetic aging. Computer case is extremely flat with a very hydrodynamic section without edges and its dimensions are relatively contained (Ø51mm in diameter) with a view of the exemplary digits.

Slimline profile (maximum height 14 mm) with completely rounded design, very streamlined and avoids possible snags. Even anchoring strap follows the profile of the box. The housing has a successful design combining stainless steel with highly resistant technopolymers. The four buttons are highly integrated low and minimized clearances to ensure the tightness of the rings to work perfectly perpendicular and prevent the entry of small particles or grains of sand that can block profile.

anti-scratch sapphire crystal mineral extremadamenrte resistant and protected by a stainless steel rounded crown.
Four buttons for ease of navigation and ease to remember the access process data and parameter modification.
Wide UFDS (User Friendly Display System) diameter 35mm vs 45mm total box screen. Inherits the proverbial ease of navigation and menus Cressi computers with software. The distribution of information, screen contrast, proportions and size of the digits have been studied for easy reading. All data are presented segmented with slight separation lines that make reading even under stress or emergency. Backlit display with button or alarm.

Menus and system identical to that of other dive computers Cressi navigation, therefore with a readability, data access and modification of model parameters. Remarkable ease of configuration, navigation through the menus and access to the wealth of information that provides always very intuitive way.
Nitrox management PLS USE totally complete with the possibility of two mixtures EAN different in the same dive.
Modes Air, Nitrox and Gauge (Gauge).
Reset by menu option, very useful for rental or diving courses. Removes residual nitrogen consecutive dives for different users.
The algorithm incorporates Deep Stop RGBM and (optional).
Long battery life using a combination of systems: saving mode when the computer with automatic ignition, low-power processor and CR2430 battery is not used.
Interface with PC connection Go diving by simply supporting the computer and connection to PC with USB cable. compatible with all Windows versions and Mac software.
Salt water depth gauge calibrated for maximum precision in the most common use.
Four colors available: Black-gray, black-navy, black-white and black-pink.

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