ICE 7MM Cressi

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Semi-dry suit with shell 100% Ultraspan © superelastic, to unite the traditional seal suit this format with excellent elasticity and comfort of the diver.
Interior 100% X-Plush ©, very heat, fast drying and slippery feel that facilitates donning and does not limit the original elasticity of the neoprene and the outer Ultraspan © tissue.
toothed rack tight cross TIZIP © Completely watertight but with toothed structure and equivalent to those of traditional wetsuits zippers flexibility. Less maintenance and greater comfort than any other semi-dry suit zipper. Limiter to avoid excessive stress on the area of ​​maximum openness and new design and positioning designed to limit the voltage at the ends in the extraction process of the suit.
Sealings system by double zipper sleeves without lining Ultraspan © wrists and ankles, a very tight system because it acts like a sandwich on the glove or bootie, facilitating insertion and removal of the suit.
Neck 3 mm neoprene, with inner and outer Ultraspan © Glide Skin © lining, for easy donning and sealing this critical area, especially in the case of divers, with a perimeter of reduced neck. The pattern provides the ideal Anatomic Shape neck profile with respect to the chest (120th) and prevents oppression in this area. A second outer flap improves the aesthetics and the tightness of the neck.
Reinforced elastic knee / pimples in Tatex that virtually maintain the original elasticity of the area where they are applied and prevent erosion.
Diamond Small fabric reinforcement © in areas of high erosion and shoulders, shins and buttocks.
Anchoring system hood in hip by a small plastic hook.
Integrated right hip pocket with carabiner and double compartment inside.
Sizes and colors:
Man: black / dark gray / light gray. Sizes from 2 to 7
Women: black / dark gray / light gray. Sizes from 1 through 5

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Oct 28, 2016
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