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2nd stage of ultralight high quality composition mixed with tecnopolímeros semiflexible absorbing shock absorbers and the mayor peso rumorosidad with components in titanium.

Neumáticamente offset mechanism that WARRANT an exceptional relationship suavidad-flow and delivery of a comprehensive air and calibrated sin NEED a very acentuado venturi effect.

Pomo de Nuevo microrregulación of inspiratory ESFUERZO in oversized titanium, regulations fully aislado mechanism with the external environment mediante double-ring: secure your suavidad and durability. The incluye pomo a nut for the regulación fine of respiratory ESFUERZO (service technicians).

Deflector Dive pre-dive for managing the venturi effect. Sin Metal Parts of assembly.

Brazo elliptical section that permite a lever, including the mayor of regulatory much more great, with a much more dimensional optical effects reducidas and greater comfort. Reducidas Dimensions 7,5x6 cm, only 5% to the mayor of the Ellipse Titanium y más ligera del mercado de los compensados ​​Models with only 205 g.

The acceptance for an oversized membrane suavidad inspiratory mayor, the mayor of its category: 2810 mm2, 12% that the Models of high quality competitors. Disco levy teflonado of contact for Reducing friction cam-disco.

Leva wide-angle pivotación, very reforzado to pass on the con precisión ESFUERZO inhalation Boutique At least friction with the disc of the membrane.

Esfuerzo maximum inspiratory least 4 Mbar with a breathing trabajo total of 0.60 Joules / L, cuatro veces por beneath the EEC standards. Caudal 2500 l / min

Extras toda posibilidad de la caja machine with ease, facilitating the operations of maintenance notablemente.

Thermal exchanger located in the interior of the casing which prevents air from freezing up cuando you dive in cold water.

Area exhalation perfected for Reducing the harm sin ESFUERZO espiratorio watertightness of the area since it is not necessary Reducing the thickness of the membrane. The design of the system delays the membrane of the exhalation DIRIGEANT flujo encauzado 100% towards the nozzles of a mustache beneficiándose of potente aleja venturi effect and the visual field of bubbles sin necesidad the oversize mustache.

Technical specifications:

- Stainless steel + technopolymer
- Weight: 205 g
- Measures: 7.5x6 cm
- Hose 80 cm SuperFlow
- Venturi system: no
- Compensation neumática: Yes
- Deflector Dive / Pre-dive: Yes
-  2500L / min



1st stage membrane sobrecompensada T, but state of the art, the mismo tiempo de sencillo maintenance and very robust and reliable.

The thickness of the walls must be optimized del cuerpo para su Reducing the minimum weight (380 g). A gloss coating Chrome PROTEGE the 1st stage golpes y erosions.

The configurations T permite a mayor Integration of the first stage in the profile taps y, por tanto, mayor libertad de movimiento de la cabeza del diver. The mechanism runs transversely to the possible entry of air and filtration of particles from the bottle that consigan Exceeding not Incide filtering directly on the valve.

The seat must be realizado HP stainless steel AISI316. In addition to the possibility of sustitución in the event of deterioration to perform the maintenance, the composition of the seat, much more harder than the brass traditional them-seat fijos, prolongs its life since it resiste mejor la acción deformed particles, metal that puedan introducirse from the bottle.

Valve polyurethane high mechanical resistance to them and to the mixtures aceites hiperóxicas.

The mechanism of hipercompensación WARRANT ligero a presión intermediate increases in the tunnels down to a medida presión the bottle. The regulator supplied, por tanto, its maximum level of performance in the final phase of immersion, sin duda the most critical.

A circulación to advanced study of internal air and a unique camera Distribution to channel the volume of air directly to the departures are permitted Reducing LP in the fall mínimos niveles de presión respirations in forzadas (0.5 bar), use a con garantizando altas benefits whatever the situation.

The T10 optionally available in a kit and aislamiento anticongelación SC (Sealed Chamber) which completely isolates the membrane and the quay contact the water, turning it into idónea to operate in conditions of temperature and extremely baja con muy sucias waters.

Filter cash, especially with sombrero-shaped inserted without circlip NEED. Effective filtering surface of 280 mm2 thanks to its particular design Development.

2 and 4 departures departures HP LP

It supplied in versions INT (stirrup) and DIN 300 bar. The nut should be DIN version realizado stainless steel brass in place to secure a mayor resistance in the event of falls or golpes.

Technical specifications:

- Departures high Presión (HP) 2 - 7/16 "
- Departures floor Presión (LP) 4 - 3/8 "
- System / compensation: sobrecompensada membrane Filtro tipo sombrero without circlip
- Turret: no
- Caudal air supplied 4000 L / min (*)
- Presión intermedia intermedia presión Caid 9-10 bar (150 bar) 0.5-1 bar
- LP Regulación Pool: yes (Allen key)
- Weight: Int. 615 g / 480 g DIN
- Presión power supply (INT connection) 0-232 bar
- Presión power supply (DIN connection) 0-300 bar
- Presión taraje of 9.2-9.6 bar
- Straight regulations taraje +/- 0.5 bar

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