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A flap of novel conception in materials and design but enjoys the unique characteristics of diving fins Cressi maintaining the spirit of the legendary Frog.
Frog Plus is made of a new variant of polypropylene low modulus which, together with a particular structure combines great flexibility, softness and resistance to demanding use (even as fin rent and school in a dive center), durability and one unpublished aesthetic fins projected with this philosophy. Frog Plus is the real 4x4 of Cressi fins.
The combination of three different materials to optimize the requirements of each fin area without increasing thicknesses:
Main body of polypropylene: This material inherited from the fins of apnea, its main characteristic is the very rapid transmission of applied energy and high structural rigidity. It is applied to the upper and inner part of the sole sandwich. He is very nervous and reactive and provides an agile and effective flutter. It has a stress-performance clearly superior to traditional materials (natural or thermoplastic rubber, polyurethane, EVA) relationship. Also has a high resistance to breakage to the point that guarantees Cressi him for life for sports.
Elastomer Flexible: Applies to foot pocket and areas that require flexibility and elasticity, as they influence the comfort of the diver: toe of the shoe, inside the sole and instep area in contact with the ankle. The merger of the two materials is done at the molecular level and its strength is guaranteed for life for sports.
Elastomer compact: Flexible but not elastic. It applies to areas requiring rubbery, but firm and slip high strength composition: longitudinal ribs, sole of the shoe and foot support band (located in the middle of the instep). insertions in the soleplate (contact area with the ground) and shockproof, as reinforcements of the blade perimeter: the areas requiring slip resistance is also assigned.
The structure, designed for this new variant of the base of the blade material aims to combine great strength with good channeling of water, protection of the lateral ribs and a soft toe for a comfortable flutter and minor action of erosion due to accidental contact with the background. also it uses several common technologies to other Cressi models:
Design "foot pocket under the shovel": The blade comes directly from the top of the shoe pocket, firmly attaching the fin to the foot and transmitting all the effort generated by flapping without energy losses through soft areas. This format allows channel water from the same ankle to the trailing edge of the blade, unlike traditional models, in which the foot pocket has no bearing on the advance contribution. Besides improving directionality flapping, this design provides a performance between 10% and 15% higher than would correspond to the fin blade surface.
Blade thickness decreasing profile to improve directionality flapping and achieve greater inertia of the end of the fin.
Footpockets reinforced at the top by an additional thickness and laterally by two extensions of polypropylene from the blade to prevent the spread of energy in the process of transmission of the foot to the blade. His three volumes fit along the foot comfortable but firmly optimizing the use of the effort.
Rotating buckles 360, with insertion into the foot pocket bayonet which prevents accidental loss of the female part.
Buckle system EBS with strip natural latex: maximum comfort, comfort and energy transmission. + info
Colors: Black-Grey, Light Blue-gray
Sizes: XS-S, S-M, M-L, L-XL

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ABB 212040
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Nov 7, 2016
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