SPOOL PRO 130mt Cressi

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Robust construction spool that combines duralumin and Delrin with assembly elements in AISI 316 stainless steel.

- Lace between the roller and the body of the integrated reel, without grooves or slacks that can cause the line to escape or to be pinched.

- Adjustable brake system to prevent the spool from being excessively free during the emptying and over-acceleration phase, causing too much yarn to be released.

- Calibrated cable to have a good flexibility-body-weight ratio and be stable in winding and unwinding.

- Stainless steel mechanism that, together with the aluminum body and the Delrin in the roller, ensures a great structural rigidity, vital to avoid friction or blockages.

- Fixation system to origin with a small sphere that allows to make a loop on itself to be able to fix it for example at half height - of the cable of anchorage.

- Screws in AISI 316 stainless steel.

- Includes double zinc-plated carabiner.

- Capacity of 130 mts (includes white cable of 2mm in diameter).

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EJA 810001
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Nov 14, 2016
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