C4 MR DARK Spetton

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With its special shape with two strongly differentiated volumes, Mr.DARK combines stability and manageability. The important rear mass stabilizes the speargun and, at the same time, creates the fulcrum for the precise movements Handling and aligning the speargun has never been simple and easy but with Mr.DARK, thanks to its important mass, it has a stable position that facilitates alignment. Mr. DARK is a real 100% monocoque made from carbon fiber T700 moulded using the N.J.C ( No Joint Construction) system at a high pressure and temperature. This guarantees solidity and long-term performance of the monocoque. Maintenance is therefore reduced to a minimum. Mr. DARK has its solid mechanical parts made from AISI 316, just like the new trigger mechanism Auto-R once again fitted with the reverse dual tilting with anti-clutch wheel, a solid system and exceptionally sensitive. Mr. DARK has a detachable X3 muzzle that allows for fitting out with one, two or more linear rubber bands. The Shaft-Slider integrated into the monocoque has minimum friction and allows for the use of several types of shafts. Mr. DARK is fitted with a classical adjustable C4 handle in the symmetrical version. Thanks to the special shape with two different masses (European design patent pending ) this speargun is extremely stable and, at the same time, very manageable.

Available on sizes 79, 94, 104, 119

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FUP85 -094
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May 3, 2017
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