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We entirely redesigned this speargun. CUBERA II speargun provides new dimensions, weight and volume balance. This design has a retarded shooting mechanism. Made of first quality wood, natural dried process and laminate. This new retarded mechanism makes the shooting softer. It is a stable spearfun, with minimun backward movement, great shooting power and easy to handle due to its mesures and weight. This model is handmade by experienced workers, each one will make proud the most demanding fisher, because of its quality and technical features in stationary fishing. All the components are made of AISI stainless steell. External support chest for loading and handle with non-slipping treatment. Special stainless steel piece trigger protector with screws for TQ-Spetton Chrome special reel.

Ergonomic handle with load support. Cassette fitted in the line of fire. Stainless automatic line release clip with backward spring. Spear rail. Counterweight and supports on handle. Protected trigger. Open head with lateral stainless steel pieces to hold the spear with the line.

Available on sizes 90, 100, 110, 120 and 130.

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Spearfishing > Spearguns > Carbon / Wood Spearguns > Spetton
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May 4, 2017
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