MONOFINS C4 29" HT-50 Spetton

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The new HT 50 Hypertech series is specially designed for high competition. The new pre-carbon impegnado "BIGSQUARE" lográ higher performance in new models of shovels. This new carbon (High Transmition) has been designed exclusively by and for C4. This new pre-impegnado carbon is characterized by a more elastic and strong response. The new HT Series is directed to athlete High competition very experienced. More compact design, low ripple carbon and three times more elastic. Handcrafted for use with the C4 shoes. The HT-50 Series, is available upon request, consult delivery.

The HT50 series is available on request, consult delivery.

This year with the launch of our Mono-fin, with new studies and tests specifically for monoaletas and not starting from the hydrodynamic base of a fins, we will revolutionize the market and we will know new challenges for our more purist apnea clients. Its new overdimensioned spoiler, invented, developed, patented and experienced for more than 6 years, together with this concept, goes a step further in the creation of energy - thrust and advantage of the parabolic curvature. Manufactured with the newest TH50 Carbon and the new CONSTANT 12mm profiles that work more water on the shovel, with C4 shoes with a greater 29º inclination, we can assure that the new HT50 Mono Aleta will set the foundation and study base so that our competitors Study these new benefits, we will always be the first.

Available in sizes 39/40, 41/42, 43/44, 45/46 and 47/48


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May 4, 2017
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