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CHEROKEE is the evolution of the GERONIMO ELITE model, from which it takes advantage of its basic characteristics with many innovative technical contributions that, while maintaining the traditional qualities of the Cressi rifles in terms of robustness and ergonomics, adopts avant-garde technical solutions, in many exclusive cases.


New cylinder head evolution of the one used in the GERONIMO model with various reinforcements and anatomical modifications to improve its grip, maneuverability and flexural strength. Oversized and reinforced guardamon and trigger located in line with the tube to eliminate moment of inertia at the time of firing. Integrated rotary actuator with thumb. New load support integrated in rubber. Retractable rod attachment point 5 cm to optimize the dynamic propulsion of the rubber and prolong it for a longer tube length. Assembly with the reinforced and simplified tube to cancel the flexion at this point. It incorporates a new hitch system for the especially robust and reliable reel. Rounded notches to position the thread in the loading process and prevent them from interfering with the howitzer hook.


New metallic mechanism developed 100% in Cressi Italia. Combines elements in stainless steel with exclusive elements in Teflon auto lubricant to minimize friction. It has an extraordinary relationship between trigger sensitivity and resistance to accidental disengagement even with the use of powerful double rubber. Side shrinkable stainless steel shackle.


High-rigidity hydroformed aluminum cast with black-steel matt integral guide. Its design achieves a high rigidity, high mass to absorb the recoil provoked by the shot but maintaining a good maneuverability in all type of displacement, especially in vertical sense.


New open magnetized head minimalist but very robust that allows to use double rubber. Its Cobra-head design softens the angle of the rubber to work more effectively and without suffering friction and unnecessary stresses that shorten its duration. It is studied so that, in case of using double rubber, the action of both is complemented without any type of interference. The spindle incorporates in the lower part a new guide wire in stainless steel that also has the function of a thread shackle in case of using double pass.


Double rubber 16 mm of pure USA latex with Dyneema howitzer as standard.


7 mm with studs. Steel 16 4PH tempered and darkened.


90, 100, 110, 120 cm.

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