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Cressi was the first manufacturer to use the thermoplastic rubber-palletizing composition and the first to thermofusion in a single element three materials to improve the transmission of the effort. The need to have a detachable version to install blades of different materials or carbon culminates in the new Gara Modular, which enjoys the Cressi experience in compositions of various materials and performance.

New version with a high modulus polypropylene blade (2500 MPa) of high reactivity and new design with decreasing thickness (from 4 mm to 2 mm) and a new distribution of reinforcements, which makes the tonnage very progressive, canceling out the tendency to Slip, since the first half of the set is more rigid and the final half more flexible. This new blade makes the flutter smooth and comfortable but highly effective both for surface movement and to overcome situations of great resistance to advancement as the ascent from the bottom, strong sea or the beginning of descent with adjusted ballast.

The volume of the shoe has been resized after deep anatomical studies, in such a way that the volumes are proportional to the effect of widening that causes the escarpín depending on the size of foot, does not follow a fixed proportion size to size because proportionally a small foot " Fattening up "much more than a big one when putting on escarpines.

The new shoe combines two materials, a thermoplastic rubber of shore hardness 70º, flexible but inelastic and very resistant applied to the nerves, the entire sole of the shoe and the exclusive strap on the instep intended for the transmission of effort is Without dissipating in gummy compositions.

The instep incorporates in its center a band of 2 cm of amplitude "Self adjusting", that allows a slight dilation (of 2 to 4 mm according to size) to adapt to people with high instep or in case of use thick shoes. The expansion has been meticulously calibrated to avoid damaging the energy transmission.

The rest of the shoe (gray area) maintains a flexible 60 ° shore composition for optimum comfort. This material is alternately extended in the area of ​​the heel to fulfill an anti-slip function when walking on a boat or on rocks.

Sizes: 38/39 - 40/41 - 42/43 - 44/45 - 46/47

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ABH 105140
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Jun 8, 2017
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