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Made with parameters of finishes and very strict dimensions for a maximum adaptation to all types of mechanisms.

Machining done with stainless steel hard metal tools to avoid the contamination of the material of the rod and possible points of rust of the machined zones.

SANDVIK hardened externally by a plasma exclusive vacuum process at high temperature. This process allows the external waist to achieve a hardness of around 60 HRC without impairing the flexural strength of the rod.

Very strict control process (rod by rod before machining) to check the perfect straightness of the rod.

Aletilla in stainless steel of spring AISI 301 of 0,8 mm of thickness. Mechanical resistance 1269 Nw / mm2 close to that of the rod itself. Pin and hole provided to rod diameter between 2 and 2.5mm. Length in proportion to the rod; 55 mm in measures of 90 to 120 cm and 70 mm of 130 to 150 cm. Two-volume Aletilla, studied for maximum hydrodynamic penetration. Mounting with a slight recess of 1cm in length that integrates in the profile the rivets and greatly improves the reach of the rod. The recess is not a loss of resistance since the fin pin is provided according to the diameter of the rod. Torque closure toric series (red color).

Reinforced howitzer latch with curved radius of machining that make it almost impossible to break the rod by this traditionally weak point. Polyvalent design for metallic and Dyneema howitzers (we recommend polishing of profiles with steel cable for this use). Its design, coupled with the parameters used for tempering, achieve an extraordinary breaking strength in the opening direction of the notch of 190Nw and 40º of angle.

Especially resistant and penetrating insulation tip.

Diameters available: Ø6.25 mm and Ø6,70 mm

Sizes: 90, 105, 110, 115, 120, 125, 130, 135, 140, 150 cm (according to version).

Descriptive label on removable paper with indication of diameter, measurement, reference, EAN and technical details.

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EFA 413010
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Jun 10, 2017
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