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The Emeraldas V LT reel arrives with a beautiful crank with double round fist in EVA. This edition V makes available the benefits of the LT range for cephalopod fishing. Available in sizes 2500 and 3000, it is equipped with the latest

  • Brake with ATD technology
  • Bearings: 7 + 1
  • DS5 Carbon Frame and DS4 Polycarbonate Air Rotor
  • Aluminum coil
  • Winding by cross turns
  • Double hand crank in aluminum, detachable, aluminum, Air Handle, ultralight, with round EVA cuffs

- Mag Sealed (Watertight-Zero friction-Increased durability)
High aerospace technology, MAG SEALED is a magnetized oil that ensures internal mechanical protection and improves reel rotation.
MAG SEALED technology is based on a magnetic oil developed by NASA. This magnetic liquid seal was originally used in the transmission of computer hard drives. It was dust tight and not water. It was necessary to overcome the problem of water pressure.
The great challenge of the Daiwa engineers was to control the intensity of the magnetic force and it was necessary to repeat the attempts hundreds of times until reaching an adjustment of the order of microns! Field tests have been carried out by the best specialists in each fishing technique and have shown a considerable gain in rotation fluidity.
- ATD Drag (Powerful, precise, progressive brake)
The new Daiwa ATD technology brings the precision and performance of the brake to its paroxysm.
The ATD brake has carbon washers impregnated with a new grease of exceptional quality, which optimizes the energy efficiency of the brake. This grease offers a more stable and progressive brake. The risk of breakage and breakage in combat is thus minimized, thanks to the more precise response of the ATD brake, which adapts better to each phase of combat. It is activated progressively at the exit, without bumps, even at a weak thread exit speed, in particular with the additional bearing present on the high-end reels. It offers a better grip in the middle of combat in powerful races. Thus, it adapts to all restrictions at each stage of combat. With the Daiwa ATD brake, be prepared for more serene, better controlled fighting.
- Air Rotor
Balance, robustness and sensitivity characterize the Air-rotor.
Its arc profile, 15% lighter than a standard rotor, offers optimum rotation fluidity and eliminates vibrations thanks to a lower center of gravity.
- Cross wrap
The Neo Cross-wrap system allows a winding of the wire optimized by cross turns and a better output of the line in the launch phases.
It is one of the keys to prevent problems of tangles and line twists.
- Infinite Anti Reverse
The new infinite non-return system is activated with a pressure 4 times less strong than in a classic system.
Less than 2 g they are enough to activate this system that we have called “Real Stopper”, eliminating all return of the crank and putting sensitivity at another level.
- Air Bail
The SUS303 steel “Touch Air Bail” tubular arch is 20% stronger and has a longevity 13 times greater than that of a solid titanium arch of the same weight.
- Twist Buster II
Tailored by Daiwa, the Twist Buster tapered pick-up rollers are manufactured to ensure optimal storage of the thread in the bobbin when it is rotating.
This system reduces by 90% the risks of twisting the thread in recovery.

The winding surface of a classic coil is cylindrical, this ABS is conical and limits the risks of entanglement.
In addition, the design of the lip reduces the rubbing of the thread to enhance the casts.
The new ABSII design is optimized to overcome your cast performance.
- LT

Here is a new concept of miniaturization in the engineering of Daiwa reels. LT technology introduces new spinning reel patterns, smaller but stronger than ever. The compact design of the body is accompanied by a new, more robust Digigear control wheel that perfectly combines lightness and solidity. Taking a reel LT is no longer able to pass without it!
Daiwa engineers have focused on the elimination of components and uselessly heavy forms, always retaining the strength and capacity of the coil. This totally new, compact design, with a more powerful Digigear gear, gives our LT reels the best lightness / power ratio.
Comparison of current models. Ballistic LT2500D: 180 g. Luvias 2510PE-H: 245 g.
The Zaion and the DS5 are extremely resistant compounds from the carbon technology developed by Daiwa. These carbon compounds make the reel lighter and more solid than a standard graphite. They resist 100% corrosion, even with marine use. Light, strong and durable, they represent the best materials for our reels.
Lighter: Comparison of materials for a specific density.
Based on the qualities of the Digigear, we have studied the conception of a more solid control wheel than ever. We have studied all aspects: diameter, thickness, shape and size of teeth. We have experienced everything and tested detail by detail, refining each element surgically.
The result is a technical feat in terms of strength.
By completely reconsidering the shape, size and thickness of the coil, we have obtained an extra light aluminum coil, well ahead of the old ones. It is even lighter than our current ABS Air Spool, which significantly improves the balance of the reel.
Comparison of current models. Ballistic LT2500D: 25 g. Luvias 2510PE-H: 36 g.
We combine multiple improvements, to the smallest detail at the level of the internal construction of the coil, the shaft, and the brake surface of the discs to further improve the benefits of ATD.
LT reels carry the maximum brake limits even further, even with their small size and lightness. Comparison current models. LT2500: 10 Kg. 2500: 7 Kg.
Keeping the main objective of resistance and longevity levels for fishing, we have redesigned the crank. Its new design contributes to the lightness of the reel.
Comparison of current models. Ballistic LT2500: 11.6 g. Luvias 2510PE-H: 17 g.










240 g



7 + 1 con 4 CRBB

75 cm

10 Kg


245 g



7 + 1 con 4 CRBB

84 cm

10 Kg

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