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The Dart II model of the Emeraldas jibioneras is ideal for animating darting thanks to its narrow profile. The stability and shape of its ballast will allow the jibionera to be launched at a great distance. The double crown is designed with Daiwa SaqSaq technology that guarantees an effective dive, a smooth coating and greater resistance. Taken from the Japanese eging range, these jibioneras have already won over the Japanese fishermen and will give the Spanish eging fishermen much satisfaction.

  • Descent speed: 3.5 seconds / m (# 3.5)
  • Available in 8 colors in size # 3.5 in 18.5g.

SaqSas, by Daiwa

Hooks that feature Daiwa SaqSas technology receive an ultra-thin plating process that annihilates residual defects of the order of microns. The hook is smoother, the tip is clearly more spicy, as evidenced by these images made with an electron microscope. SaqSas increases the smoothing and nailing of the hook up to 40%. The tip of the SaqSas hooks has an unusual sharpening, who rubs them with them!
Technical details of SAQ-SAS hooks:
Just spicy
SaqSas hooks feature a hexagonal micrometer chemical sharpening. The spice of this technology is unique and gives this hook excellent performance during the shoe.
SaqSas coating
The fluorine-containing metal receives a coating process that eliminates residual defects in microns and increases smoothness by 40%. The low resistance of the surface treatment amplifies the speed of penetration of the hook and guarantees a high success rate for the fisherman even in the most delicate touches (nosebleeds, rapid rejection ...).
Ergonomic eyelet
The eyelet of each SaqSas hook has a high compression certification that guarantees optimal knot fastening.

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