SF1 Cressi

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SF1 is a modern one-window mask with rectangular panoramic design and frameless technology.

The silicone skirt is assembled directly on the glass without frame. This system guarantees good visibility in all directions, especially towards the sides since it allows a maximum eye/glass approach without annoying pressure on the forehead or upper part of the nose.

Critical areas in any Frameless mask (frontal area and upper part of the nose) reinforced to provide the mask with a good structural resistance.

Exceptional finishes with mirror polishing silicone skirt.

The facial is very versatile for all types of physiognomies and offers high comfort even with prolonged use. The calculated design of the interior spaces combined with the calibrated flexibility of the silicone skirt, changing depending on the area, provide great stability of the mask together with great comfort and versatility of adaptation.

The buckles are completely tiltable and with immediate adjustment of the strap with one hand. The assembling of the buckle system in the frame prevents deformation of the silicone face during the use of the mask (common of models that assembles the buckles in the main facial itself) since the tension of the strap occurs at the height of the glass, optimizing to the user's taste the level of proximity of the glass/eye and, therefore, the volume and optimal visibility of the mask.

It is an ideal mask for professional and sports use given its wide range of adaptation, visibility and stability.


Available colors: Blue, Silver, Black, Transparent.

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ADS 331000
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May 3, 2020
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