FACILE 2020 Cressi

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FACILE Ultraspan® is the new version of the Facile model, a suit highly appreciated by divers who dive all year round and considered the most thermal non-dry suit option on the market.
In the new version, completely made of 8 mm, an extremely elastic Ultraspan® lining has been applied to 100% (interior and exterior), which greatly facilitates the donning and removing of the suit, and allows surprising freedom of movement, lined inside by X-PLUSH®, a material with excellent thermal characteristics. Its thickness is differentiated: 8 mm to obtain maximum protection in all vital areas and 5 mm in arms, thighs, knees and hood, with the aim of increasing freedom of movement and 3 mm in areas of tightness or reinforcement of the thermicity.
The possibility of water leaks is reduced to a minimum through a series of technical resources, without having to resort to the use of a waterproof zipper. The Cressi WSS® (Water Stop System) is used to limit the entry of water through the main front zipper: a 3mm neoprene bib, attached to the inside of the suit. The little amount of water that inevitably enters through this zipper does not reach the diver's body, as it normally does, but is stored on the inner face of the overalls and the bib, which in turn has a fine zipper. not matching the main zipper. This bib, apart from improving the tightness, increases the thermal memory of the neoprene in the sensitive area of ​​the chest. This exclusive solution makes the Facile HF single piece more thermal than any other similar combination on the market.
The built-in hood, which prevents annoying water seepage through the neck, has a special Air Free valve that automatically removes excess air, which usually accumulates in the hood.
The double 3 mm smooth neoprene sleeves, also with Ultraspan® lining, guarantee a practically total tightness acting as a sandwich with the gloves and booties.
Sizes and colors:
Man: black / dark gray / blue. Sizes from 2 to 6
Woman: black / dark gray / red. Sizes from 1 to 5

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May 8, 2020
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