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Small but robust and ergonomic knife.

Quick fixation/extraction system with only one hand that prevents accidental loss of the knife.

Ergonomic handle covered with non-slip rubber for a secure grip.

Stainless steel 304 carbon blade GRIP and GRIP FLAT TIP models, while the GRIP TITANIO version is Titanium coated,, exceptionally hard and resistant, and with an excellent cutting capacity. The duration of these benefits is guaranteed not only by the sharpening itself but by the quality of the material that guarantees the durability of the edge.

Section of the rhomboid sheet for greater resistance to bending and breaking. One part has a smooth edge and the other has alternating teeth and thread cutters.

Integrate adapters that allow to place it:

Plate for straps from 40 to 50 mm, such as those of the vests or belt.

Traditional rubber straps to adapt it to the leg or arm.

Technical characteristics:

Total length: 15,7 cm

Blade length: 73 mm

Blade width: 20,8 mm

Blade thickness: 3 mm

Weight (knife only): 48 g and 46 g the Flat Tip model.

Weight with cover: 85 g and 83 g the Flat Tip model.

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BRC 559400
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May 9, 2020
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