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Revolutionary, new goggles that come in the standard size Senior version and small size Junior version. A revolutionary patented, instant adjustment system means the strap, which incorporates the adjustable buckles, can be replaced immediately to create your favourite colour combination whenever you like. Extremely high level Cressi technology is used to make it perfectly waterproof on most of the skirt edges. Patented strap adjustment system. The lenses with external treatment to make them scratch-proof and inside treatment for anti-fogging.The idea is brilliant and simple at the same time and... patented! The skirt of the new Right goggles can be instantly separated from the strap (and from the adjustable buckles). Both lenses and buckles are coloured so users can choose their favourite lens-buckles-strap combination, depending on their taste. It is also possible to purchase several straps, complete with coloured buckles, separately, so you can change the look of your Right goggles whenever you like.

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FDE 201621
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Nov 5, 2007
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