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Exclusive Cressi Sub Sling, studied carefully for use in all types of fishing and spearguns, ideal for middle-size pieces fishing with parts of 6 and 6.5 mm. Its composition, hardness and thickness are the result of multiple tests and the final product meets the most demanding requirements .

The composition is essentially pure Malaysian latex without any impurities in their composition, except the black dye and the products necessary to provide them with suitable hardness (shore 42). Highly resistant to the action of ultraviolet rays, salt and ozone.

Pure composition gives them an outstanding elasticity which translates into a side of the rod very homogeneous, thus increasing the scope of the shot and the momentum and pervasiveness of it, with a difficulty of reduced load compared to other gums substandard performance. Precisely this flexibility allows you to easily use short steps (depending of course on the tastes and fishing capacity), increasing travel rubber push on the rod, a factor that places a clear advantage over the upper gums diameter and / or hardness .

Its power is due on the one hand to the relative hardness of the composition (shore 42 against normal levels of 38 to 42) and a diameter of 16mm against the 15 to 15.5 mm actual advertised many as 16 slings.

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Apr 11, 2009
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