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Rondinella is a Cressi creation in high end fins for initiation and snorkeling.

Made with the same materials as in the most technical range: polypropylene for shovel and very flexible thermoplastic rubber for shoe and longitudinal ribs. The polypropylene is lightweight, resistant (guaranteed for life against breakage) and has as its main characteristic the elastic return of the blade that results in a fluent and effective flutter with a reduced effort.

The structure of the flap places the footwell under the blade, which is completely protected from any blows or rubs against the bottom and prolonging the useful surface of the blade above the instep.

The shoe, very comfortable, has the sole completely rigid to avoid cramping and transmit the effort without loss of energy through elastic zones.

Its proportionate design coupled with the materials and light weight of its structure gives it an unbeatable price / performance / comfort ratio in fins of this category that makes it the model chosen by most of the finned swimming schools in Europe.

Numbering available from 31-32 to 46-47 and in three different colors.

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ACC 181037
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Jun 7, 2008
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