LIGHT Cressi

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Fins specially designed for swimming and trainning.
The short blade is made from highly reactive and light materials, to guarantee an easy non-tiring but effective kicking.
The lenght of the blade and the materials used have been studied to enable a perfect trainning for the musles avoiding the always painful cramps.
The material of the fin is very flexible, ideal for the changes of direction inside the pool, facilitates a perfect support to the wall of the pool and an incredibly effective kicking.   
The side of the blade is protected by soft elasstomers to avoid possible damage to other swimmers.
The computer-designed boot is made from soft elastomers, has a higly anatomical shape to give a comfortable use even in long swim sessions.

This fin has been specifically designed for trainning and helps build up muscles, but it can also be used for snorkelling and swimming, where the small size of the blade make it easier to enter and come out of the water.
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FDP 183039
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Aug 18, 2008
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