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Are you ready for the best spinning reel ever created? Fishing for hard hitting, line burning thugs such as GTs, Tuna and Marlin? Look no further than a Stella SW.

Even in todays modern age, threadline reels continue to push the boundaries and break the rules of fishing theory and tradition. Pushing those boundaries to the edge Shimanos Stella series has always been a leader, not a follower.

Featuring the culmination of years of research and Shimanos latest in advanced reel technology - the SW series raises and once again sets the benchmark for quality in the high end spinning reel market.

Six models complete the range, ideal for everything from popping and jigging to gamefishing and general sportfishing. So what makes a Stella so stella? Unequalled engineering excellence coupled with over 80 years experience in producing precision high performance equipment how many other reels do you know that can produce drag pressures in excess of 20kg with enough low-down torque to hustle massive gamefish….and, maintain an inexplicably smooth, fluid-like operation?

Shimano engineers also managed to masterfully maintain the trademark operational smoothness of each reel yet still gain a significant increase in gear durability. This enhancement was to be called Paladin featuring a cold-forged main gear and stainless steel pinion. Even more impressive is the fact that each model has received a decrease in overall weight which equals greater and more comfortable fishability. 

Another essential component of the Stella SW is the Propulsion Line Management system, putting an end to virtually all line twist and wind knot issues Propulsion Spool Lip with exclusive anti-scratch coating, ultra tough SR One-Piece Bail system, SR Arm Cam, redesigned Bail Trip and Power Roller IV with over-flange for the ultimate in line protection.

SW Concept provides a water resistant body and hyper disk drag (twin disk on 18000 & 20000), Assist Stopper (except 5000) and light-weight ergonomic handles. All models feature a stopperless design, Fluidrive II, Dyna-Balance and aluminium frame, rotor and sideplate.

STL5000SW 400 g 6.2:1 0.30mm/230m 15 102 cm
STL8000SW 620 g 5.8:1 0.35mm/290m 15 107 cm
STL8000PGSW 620 g 4.9:1 0.35mm/290m 15 91 cm
STL10000SW 630 g 5.8:1 0.35mm/450m 15 119 cm
STL18000SW 825 g 5.7:1 0.45mm/355m 15 127 cm
STL20000SW 835 g 4.4:1 0.45mm/430m 15 104 cm
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Para unas máximas prestaciones utilícelo con: Aspire Dyneema
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