About us

We are the second generation of a fishing, diving and spearfishing specialized commerce since 1971.
We are a familiar company composed of:


Miquel Martínez

Miquel, specialized in all types of sea fishing, either from land or boat, can advise you on any question, teaching you to make knots and assemble all kinds of tools and equipment to practice your favourite fishing method.

Albert Martínez

Albert, specialized in diving and spearfishing. He will guide you in anything you need and will give you advise on materials to practice your favourite sea sports. He can also help you set your speargun ready.

Núria Portell

Núria, in charge for the marketing and advertising of our shops. She will attend you at our shops or will kindly answer your emails.

What do we do?

We are a serious and professional company, we sell the best products from the best brands for all fishing modalities:
Kali Kunnan, Shimano (official distributors), Vercelli, Yokozuna, Lineaeffe, Okuma, Hart, Evia, Calicó, Yo-zuri, DTD, Yamashita, Stonfo, Rapala, Iridium, Renzo Valdieri, Yuki, Fishus, Assari, Sufix, etc.
Also for diving and spearfishing: Cressi-sub, Beuchat, Omer, Picasso, Spetton, etc.

We also have live bait.
And we have a great assortment of artificial lures for all types:
Spinning, squid, curry, inchikus, vinyls, popping, etc ...
If you can't find what you're looking for you can send us an email!

Where are we?

We are located in Blanes, Girona (Spain). Our location is best in the area, to practice fishing and all the seaside sports.
In front of the sea, at Marina Promenade, 6-8.
There are different parking areas very near, and also the subterranean parking where you can park your car and we will give you a bonus of half an hour free for you to do your shopping in our stores.


Foto antiga
The beginnings:

Botigues La Palomera was created on 1971 by Miquel's parents, Lázaro and Montse.
At the beggining they sold toys and in the summer, as Blanes in the hours was a small town, they had beach, underwater fishing and snorkeling articles, and of course, they had a spot in the store dedicated to the fishing, that was his hobby, with live bait and the essential to go fishing.

Foto reformes

Later on Miquel and Núria went for fishing and diving, and gradually went specializing up their shops until the present day, where they exclusively sell material for recreational fishing, spearfishing and diving.

Fotos varies actuals

Our first online store was launched in 2004, so we have a wide experience selling online.
We have years of experience and personalized attention, plus a description of more than 1700 customers online and physical stores 1800, where you can become our preferred customer card and get many discounts and exclusive offers. We have a very competitive prices.

Take a tour of our online store, we are sure that you will find interesting things, and if you can, come and visit us, we will be happy to see you!
You can contact us also through Facebook, Twitter and Google+.