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F1 is a modern monocrystal mask derived from the PIUMA model with specially elegant and harmonious design and framelss technology.

The extremely bright silicone finishes give it an attractive look boosted by an unprecedented range of colors: no less than 10 versions. Not only in black and transparent silicone. But in various colors of the silicone itself including the metallized.

The silicone facial is assembled directly on the glass without the need for a frame. This system guarantees good visibility in all directions, especially towards the sides, as it allows a maximum eye / glass approximation without annoying pressures on the front or upper part of nose.

The facial is very versatile for all types of physiognomy and offers high comfort even with very prolonged use. The calculated design of the interior spaces combined with the calibrated flexibility of the facial, varying depending on the area, provide a great stability of the mask coupled with great comfort and versatility of adaptation.

The buckles are fully tilting and with immediate adjustment of the strip with one hand. The anchoring of the system of buckles on the frame prevents the deformation of the silicone facial during the use of the mask (own of the models that anchor the buckles in the own facial) and the tension of the strip takes place aligned to the plane of the glass, Optimizing the level of proximity of the crystal / eye and, therefore, the optimum volume and visibility of the mask.

It is a mask suitable for amateur and sport use: snorkeling and diving.

Technical characteristics

- Type: Frameless monocrystal mask

- Versions: clear silicone and black silicone

- Materials: liquid silicone and tempered glass

- Buckles: tilting, instantaneous regulating

- Internal volume: 135cm3

- Dimensions frame: 165 x 80mm

- Weight (with strip included): 200gr

- Graduated crystals: not available

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Jun 12, 2014
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