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Cressi Belt designed for perfect stability on the hip of the diver or freediver. The slightly elastic strap compensates for variations in the wearer's diameter due to abdominal and suit compression during descent. It can be used very tight without causing discomfort or discomfort.

This diving belt allows its placement seated in the upper part of the hip, below the waist, so the lumbar problem of divers who place the belt on their own waist completely disappears, forcing a constant effort to compensate the weight to the lumbar muscles Stainless steel buckle with nuanced treatment to avoid unwanted shine. Maximum construction quality: 1.2 mm thick sheet, rounded edges, hinge system with safety rivets. Stamped logo. Assembled with the buckle by means of 3 chrome-plated brass rivets for maximum reliability and durability.

The strap is made of a special EPDM compound that has a resistance to UV, ozone and saltpeter that allows a completely careless use: it does not need to be desalted or protected from prolonged sun exposure and it has a practically unlimited duration. It has anti-tear properties, in such a way that, if it suffers a cut, it is not prolonged by the effect of tension, which could cause the belt to come off with the consequent danger.

Etched finish for maximum adherence.

Length: 140 cm.

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BTA 625050
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May 10, 2022
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