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Latest version of modular most successful in recent years. The new Lontra Plus 7 mm has a new pattern which reduces seams extending panels to optimize elasticity. It is completely black with two discrete inserts on the shoulders in blue (male version) or red (female version).
100% of the outer lining is superelastic Ultraspan. This liner allows a neoprene low buoyancy and good compressive strength, reaching a great elasticity (whenever combined with an inner lining of elasticity equal). It also has additional advantages such as faster drying and superior hydrodynamics.
In the entire inner area in contact with skin Helioflex®, a very nice tissue contact facilitates donning and improves termicidad before, during and after the dive is applied. Terry texture and type of fiber reduces the flow of water and increases the thermal memory of neoprene. It is also waterproof so that drying is very fast. These two fabrics have a similar level of elasticity which allows combining them with a dense and compact neoprene to reduce the buoyancy of the suit and compression level.
The most exposed to friction as the shoulders and shins Dyamond® Small panels are a very strong fabric on which the protections sealed on Tatex apply.
Toothed dorsal longitudinal watertight zipper TIZIP © MASTER SEAL. Completely watertight zipper novel but with toothed structure equivalent to traditional zippers wetsuits flexibility. Less maintenance and greater comfort than any other semi-dry suit zipper. The insertion of this rack in vertical format provides a comfort-sealing relationship unknown until today.
New Anatomic Shape neck design with preformed at 120 ° for maximum comfort. Notable improved design that reduces water intake at this critical point: the closure flap is now much wider and neck area is extended to prevent infiltrations by tilting the neck underwater.
Its combination of double sleeves zipped wrists and ankles, and classical elegance in the color scheme. The new pattern, with large panels and sober colors make it especially attractive.
Double flap zipper neck for comfort before and after the dive.
New elastic reinforcements on shoulders and knees-shins on Tatex, very aesthetic as they combine up to three shades of color and practically maintain the original elasticity of the area where they are applied.
The complete configuration is: one-piece 7 mm hood with an independent valve, which automatically removes accumulated air. New anchoring system hood hip. All modular suits Cressi now have a unique multipurpose jacket with sleeves Ultraspan 100% in 3 mm. His black-dark gray combination makes 100% combinable. All elements are independent and purchased separately.
Sizes and colors:
Man: black base with elastic inserts in blue. Logos coordinated. Sizes from 2 to 7
Women: black base with elastic inserts in red. Logos coordinated. Sizes from 1 through 5

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CLR 104503
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Oct 28, 2016
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