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Black Eel 110 by Fiiish, is the sum of the concepts of the hidden hook, inverted blade and sharp body that offer the fisherman a highly reactive and realistic lure for slow fishing from shore or boat with light equipment or light spinning.

The Black Eel is a vinyl lure, with a hidden hook and articulated jig head that brings together concepts from its predecessors Black Minnow, Crazy Sand Eel and Mud Digger, achieving a swim and action different from the previous ones. Patented PH2S fixing system: Like the Black Minnow, the Black Eel has the PH2S fixing system to give the lure more movement and articulation.

Exclusive VMC Krog Premium Hook: The Texas Krog Premium hook was developed for the Black Minnow and applied to the Black Eel to maintain a balanced and correct swim of the lure. In addition, together with the PH2S system, it will remain hidden in the body to avoid possible snags. In this way, the hook is compatible between Black Minnow size 2 and Black Eel 110. Flat Section Tapered Body: Very sharp 110mm body for high reactivity at the slightest movement. In addition, its dorsal fin protects the tip of the hook from snagging algae and gives the lure a larger section to increase its movement while maintaining a sharp profile. The body, at the junction with the head, has a concavity where the hook placed on the PH2S system will be housed so that it does not influence the movement and the action is more natural. Inverted blade: It is activated very easily by any traction or movement in the water, providing a very attractive and nervous swim at low retrieval speed. During the fall of the lure, the shovel works giving the lure a flight movement towards the bottom as the Lanzones do when they want to escape from predators by burying themselves in the sand.

Designed for slow or medium speed fishing, vertically, from shore or boat. Created in the first instance for fishing in the sea, in fresh water when we have to do slow fishing near the bottom, it attracts predators. Linear collection: We can perform a simple linear collection thanks to the ease of movement of its long and narrow tail. We will use this pickup in shallow depth scenarios where we cannot recreate ourselves too much due to castling, in areas with suspicious fish that require non-aggressive movements of the lure, night shifts that require slow pickups, etc. Sawtooth: With this movement we will squeeze its maximum potential, especially fishing in the sea. With very smooth saw teeth (its tail moves wonderfully at very low speed) and very close to the bottom, we have obtained some good specimens of groupers, maragotas, redfish, etc. and we are sure that this spring it will be one of the most requested lures by dentex, amberjack... looking for them with longer and slightly faster movements. With this sawtooth movement, the Black Eel brings out all its movement, both during the ascent by giving it the pull and in the subsequent descent towards the bottom. Vertical: Its position when we leave it suspended vertically is perfectly horizontal, which, together with the subtle movement of its tail with the weakest of currents, will make it a magnificent lure for this booming type of fishing both in saltwater and in water. sweet for pike, bass and zander.


Data sheet:

Format: Combo and bodies

Weights: Shore 8 grams and Shallow 4 grams

Colours: Khaki, Electric Blue

Measurement: Size 2 (110 mm)

Hook: Krog Premium by VMC Size 2 from Black Minnow


Black Eel 110 4gr Kaki Kaki 4 gr 110 mm Sinking - Shallow BE1264
Black Eel 110 8gr Electric Blue Electric Blue 8 gr 110 mm Sinking - Shore BE1266


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