Black Minnow 140 Fiiish

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The Black Minnow is a very soft touch vinyl with organic colors with a very well chosen range, adjustable to any setting.

Very natural swimming. This is thanks to the fact that the design of its tail activates its rear third, closer to the swimming of an authentic fish. Very natural.

The way to house the hook is another good idea. Its body divided into two, an upper hole that allows the hook to exit, allowing the vinyl not to be torn, leaves us with a very compact assembly, discreet in the eyes of the fish and with anti-snag qualities.

But not only does the Black Minnow live on sea bass, in the first outings on the Mediterranean coast it was already tremendously effective with dentex, amberjack... and tuna! And in freshwater pike, black-bass.

The Black Minnow 140 in its Offshore version and its 40 grams is indicated for deep areas, strong seas and areas of currents.

Technical specifications:

- Open vinyl body that allows the hook to be concealed. It allows a very discreet and anti-snag mounting.

- Front and upper holes in the body to avoid having to puncture the vinyl.

- Transparent tail. It gives more reality to the whole.

- Articulated head with patented hooking system: Produces more mobility and naturalness in swimming.

- Articulated head of two types:

- Off shore: Go deeper into the water faster. Indicated for deep areas.

- Shore: Go deeper slower. Indicated for shallow areas and horizontal fishing.

- Very important to fix the vinyl to the plumb head with a drop of quick glue.

- Combo: Includes jig head, with hook and mounted body plus an extra spare body.

- The model reference, 70, 90, 120, 140... refers to the total length of the lure, in mm, mounted with the Offshore type head.


Black Minnow 140 40gr Electric Blue Electric Blue 40 gr 140 mm Sinking - Off Shore BM1420
Black Minnow 140 60gr Candy Green Candy Green 60 gr 140 mm Sinking - Deep BM787
Black Minnow 140 60gr Mango Juice Mango Juice 60 gr 140 mm Sinking - Deep BM3023
Black Minnow 140 3 Cuerpos Glow Glow - 140 mm - BM1203
Black Minnow 140 3 Cuerpos Candy Green Candy Green - 140 mm - BM983
Black Minnow 140 4 Hook - - - - BM156
Black Minnow 140 40gr 2 Head - 40 gr - Sinking - Off Shore BM030
Black Minnow 140 80gr 1 Heads - 80 gr - Sinking - Extra Deep BM1339


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