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Toothed rack dorsal transverse watertight TIZIP MASTER SEAL ©. Completely watertight zipper novel but with toothed structure equivalent to traditional zippers wetsuits flexibility. Less maintenance and greater comfort than any other semi-dry suit zipper. The insertion of this rack in vertical format proprociona comfort-sealing relationship unknown until today.
New Anatomic Shape neck design with preformed at 120 ° for maximum comfort. Notable improved design that reduces water intake at this critical point. The closure flap is now much wider and neck area is extended to prevent infiltrations by tilting the neck underwater.
It combines a single piece of 5 mm with a separate 5mm hood (optional) and a jacket 5 mm (optional). The three items can be purchased separately. Should be considered that only the one-piece with hood and a combination is practically equivalent to a semi-dry with the advantage of a much greater comfort, the supplement jacket makes the combination thermal market.
Zone tibia and knee-pads with elastic reinforcements in wear Cressi tricolor Tatex® with customization. This type of reinforcement practically does not limit the elasticity of neoprene, provides sufficient reinforcement and facilitates donning
© Ultraspan lining in 100% of its area in the outside area with good resistance to erosion and very elastic in every way. The neoprene used is high density and elasticity of the suit is achieved based on the lining employee, not reducing the density neoprene.
Lining 100% Helioflex © in the inner zone, faster drying usually the plush lining and a surprising termicidad used. Extremely nice and heat. It does not limit the original elasticity of the neoprene and the outer Ultraspan tissue.

Sizes and colors:
Man: black-red. Sizes from 2 to 6
Women: black-red. Sizes from 1 through 5

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CLS 506105
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Oct 25, 2016
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