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Kuwae 4 3 2 Mm Cressi

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Kuwae has been entirely designed using sophisticated 3D software that has allowed studying the fit of different materials and different sizes on virtual mannequins.

Its cut optimizes comfort and prevents chafing, especially at points of great mobility such as armpits and shoulders.

Medium-density neoprene with a smooth outer finish and a water-repellent treatment that guarantees an exceptional level of hydrodynamics and good resistance to tears.

Neoprene in different thicknesses (2-3-4 mm) to optimize the requirements of each area of ​​the body:

Buoyancy in the front of the legs and chest to help the swimmer achieve perfect buoyancy and trim when swimming on the surface (4 mm),

Improve fit and mobility in the trunk, arms and armpits, guaranteeing total freedom of movement (2 mm)

Improved buoyancy and thermal protection on the back and inside of the legs (3 mm).

Neck with a new low-cut design studied to avoid any friction around the neck, while maintaining a perfect seal against water infiltration.

Finished with a 100% smooth neoprene hem to optimize the comfort of the suit, avoiding chafing.

Aesthetic design with high visibility red color for safety when swimming in the open sea.


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FDG 002411
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Mar 17, 2022
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