Morea 3mm Cressi

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It is a one-piece without hood, sleeves and long pants, neoprene 3mm, perfect for light or water quality diving, snorkeling, swimming, tropical seas and for all water sports.

Assembled by flat seam with anti chafing thread.

The new pattern, sober and elegant at once, just use colored panels on the shoulders combined with pearl gray detail in super elastic tissue.

The wide neoprene panels optimize the natural elasticity of neoprene combined with a new nylon liner particularly flexible.

In order to reduce water seepage, back zipper flap opens YKK® Aquastop®.

Finishes ankles and wrists were performed hemmed smooth neoprene to reduce water circulation.

Anatomic preformed neck Shape® that respects the chest-neck angulation with Ultraspan super elastic lining.

Mixed nylon lining Ultraspan © in areas of joints. This fabric combines good erosion resistance with a soft touch and elaaticidad.

Pectoral area in smooth neoprene outer recorded. Improved hydrodynamics, elasticity and ensure quick drying when the suit is out of water exposed to the wind in water activities like skiing sailing or surfing.

Smooth neoprene inserts on wrists and legs to minimize water infiltration.

Back zipper with Velcro® closure.

The pattern "Anatomic Shape" respects the correct neck profile regarding breast and avoid oppression in this area.

Sizes and colors:

Man: black with gray and blue inserts. Sizes from 2 to 6

Women: black with gray inserts and turquoise. Sizes of 1 to 5

Kids: black color with inserts in gray and blue. Sizes from 3 years to 14 years,

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Apr 15, 2015
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