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Neoprene T-shirt Cressi

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Long or short sleeve t-shirt made of high quality stretch fabric with UPF 50+ UV protection filter with 0.5mm neoprene internal laminate with Metallite sliding finish.

It is an ideal garment to protect the swimmer's body from cold, wind, solar radiation, the stinging action of jellyfish and the friction or cuts with the seabed and as the interior of the diving suit as it provides a much higher thermal protection to the usual "Lycras".

Its pattern, based on large panels, and the seams reduced to a minimum, optimize the natural elasticity of the fabric and avoid annoying chafing. All seams have been made with flat seams with anti-scratch thread.

Its high collar avoids the usual rubbing of neoprene collar when diving intensively for a long period of time.


Colors and sizes:

Man: black with inserts in gray. Sizes from 2 to 7

Woman: black with inserts in gray and blue. Sizes from 1 to 5

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CLW 491501
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Sep 23, 2019
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