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It’s a classic model in Cressi range that has been maintained since 1993 and that has a high number of followers around the world. The fin is made in a clever combination of a robust polymer and a soft elastomer, the last one used for the foot’s and side nerves’ placement and some insertions.

Frog has been the first Cressi model to use “Foot pocket-under-blade design”: the blade arises from the superior part of the foot pocket, linking solidly the fin to the foot and transmitting all the generated effort while flapping without energy loss through soft areas. This version allows channeling the water from the ankle to the blade’s end, which is different from traditional models, in which the foot pocket doesn’t help to improve. Besides improving the flapping direction, this design provides features between 10% and 15% higher than other similar models on the market.

The foot pocket, designed by computer, is particularly comfortable and guarantees an optimal transmission of the effort leg / fin.

Frog has a higher weight with regard to equivalent Cressi models of more recent details, but this characteristic gives it an especial acceptation for its usage with dry suits or combinations of notable thickness because of its great power of fluttering.

It’s a very appreciated fin for professional works because of its robustness and comfort, even after loads of use hours, and for diving centers, that value its polyvalent feature and practically infinite duration.

Color: Black
Sizes: XS-S, S-M, M-L, L-XL

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ABF 195038
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Nov 7, 2016
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