Mini Torpedo Buoy 7 Cressi

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Buoy with torpedo design, very hydrodynamic, and made with materials and components of great quality. Its size of 65 cm (against 90-95 of a normal buoy) is an ideal measure to use as a position marker buoy significantly reducing the drag resistance and stowage volume but which allows, if necessary, to hang an accessory .

Ideal for competitions, fast fishing, waiting or in any situation that does not require a large storage capacity of accessories.

Strangled design that allows the winding of the cable in the body of the buoy in case of fast transfers.

Fluorescent orange red fabric, 7 tenths thick with a polished finish for an optimal slip.

5 rails: 1 for dragging, 2 for accessories or fixing the mast of the pennant, 2 in the lower zone for accessories.

Black anti-UVA inflator.

Made in Spain, great quality of welded.

Mast with the flags "Alpha" and "Diver under water" optional.

Measures: 65 cm x Ø19 cm.

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BTA 611601
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Jun 8, 2017
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