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BARON is the version of DUKE with a more economical presentation (cardboard box instead of reusable bag) and a more simplified aesthetic, but with identical features that differentiate it from other face masks on the market.
The Duke-Baron project has required in-depth studies of both inlet and exhaust air circulation and design, in order to solve common problems with these masks on competing models and make the Cressi face mask especially safe in any situation. .

The situation of the lateral breather tube and the fact that valves are not closed or opened for its operation, guarantees a high supply flow, unthinkable in other similar models, especially in case of fatigue or stress. The evacuation of stale air is also produced by a second ductwork integrated in the tube, with a powerful "chimney" effect that prevents the accumulation of a percentage of this air in the breathing zone. The air circulation in Baron is clearly superior to that of any other mask on the market. We had the opportunity to test it in the laboratory of the Engineering Department of the Milan Polytechnic, where the results exceeded our expectations.
The breathing system that we have designed and patented, because it does not use the old breathing system through a central tube system, does not require the need for forced breathing to travel a longer distance and open more than one valve. The double section of the tube makes one connected to the breathing chamber and the other to the vision chamber. This advantage is reinforced by the fact that neither the breathing chamber nor the tube have valves to prevent the user from breathing.
This design, together with the deflector that directs a small inlet air current inside the viewing area, guarantees the absence of exhaled air in the viewing chamber, reducing the tendency to fog drastically while maximizing the extraction of hot air produced by the face when wearing the mask, and is designed to function as a chimney effect that forces air circulation away from the lens.
The design of the viewing area allows 30% more angle than most similar masks without distortion.
The tube has a dry buoy upper valve system that prevents the entry of water due to waves or the complete introduction of the head underwater.
BARON's watertightness is guaranteed by three large safety valves, which only work in the event of water entering the viewing area (2) and the breathing area (1).
The transparent or black silicone facial depending on version has been studied, following the Cressi tradition, for a fantastic adaptation to all types of physiognomies with only two sizes: S / M and M / L.
Colors: Transparent-transparent, Transparent-blue, Transparent-aquamarine, Transparent-pink, Transparent-Black, Dark-black
Sizes: S / M, M / L


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Mask for observation of the bottom from the surface. It is not possible to compensate the ears by means of the Valsalva maneuver (pinching the nose) nor the clamping by exhalation through the nose, therefore it should not be used in immersion below 1.5 m depth.

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