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Cressi Gara Modular Turbo Sprint is the latest version of Gara Modular Impulse, a long fin that has been an event in the sector with unprecedented approval from all types of users: freedivers, spearfishermen and even divers.

In this case, we propose a version with the same foot pocket and guide configuration as the Impulse but with a reduction in length to 65 cm, which also allows it to be placed in practically any equipment bag.

Regarding Gara Sprint, it adopts a foot pocket with short horns that modify the personality of the fin, reducing its power and stiffness but increasing its comfort, reactivity and speed.

It is a perfect fin for advanced snorkeling but perfectly usable for activities that require speed and high rate of finning such as underwater hockey and rugby, rescue and first aid, competitive diving and competitive apnea training.



In high-modulus, high-reactivity polypropylene and a new design with variable thickness and a new distribution of the reinforcements, which makes the arching very progressive, cancelling the tendency to skid, since the first half of the assembly is more rigid and the more flexible finish.

Blade with angulation of 29º against the traditional 15º to 21º. This angulation allows a flapping with the foot in a completely relaxed position and makes flapping soft and comfortable but highly effective both for surface movements and to overcome situations of great resistance to advance such as rising from the bottom, strong sea or the start of the descent with adjusted ballast.

The design of the end of the blade is slightly conical and integrates two spoilers in subtle thermoplastic rubber. This feature, together with the calculated progression of the blade flexing arc, makes the flapping stability of Impulse perfect.



New design of the horns of the foot pocket with reduced height and minimized length in order to allow the adaptation of blades at any angle, not interfering with the reactivity of the blade and allowing a greater arc to the blade.

Foot pocket volume resulting from in-depth anatomical studies, with volumes proportional to the widening effect caused by the foot pocket depending on the size of the foot, it does not follow a fixed proportion size by size since proportionally a small foot "fattens" much more than a large one when put on booties

Combine two materials:

A thermoplastic rubber with 75º shore hardness, flexible but inelastic and very resistant, applied to the ribs, the entire sole of the foot pocket and the exclusive support band on the instep designed to transmit the effort immediately without dissipating in rubbery compositions.

The rest of the foot pocket (grey area) maintains a semi-flexible shore 65º composition for optimal comfort. This material is alternately extended in the heel area to perform a non-slip function when walking on a boat or on rocks.

The instep incorporates a 2 cm wide "Self adjusting" band in its center, which allows a slight dilation (from 2 to 4 mm depending on size) to adapt to people with high insteps or in case of using thick pumps. The expansion has been carefully calibrated so as not to impair the transmission of energy.


Available from size 36/37 to 46/47.


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