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CALIBRO enjoys a conglomerate of technical advantages that Cressi has been incorporating the last seasons in various models. It combines great technicality with a captivating design and medium proportions, both frame and facial.
Its frame of reduced thickness in a single piece, without frames, allows a great lightness (118 g) and a surprising approach of the glass to the eyes with the consequent advantages in terms of visibility and reduction of the internal volume.
The mask mount is exclusive and integrates the frames and the structure inside the facial. This system improves the tightness of the mask, eliminates any possibility of uncomfortable contact of the frame with the forehead and eliminates any vision of the central area of ​​the frame from the inside.
His facial optimizes dead spaces and reduces internal volume to just 85 cm³. The glass / face distance has been reduced to such an extent that the facial does not get to make the known suction cup effect, it simply sits on the face providing optimum tightness thanks to its design and the highly studied thickness / stiffness ratio of silicone.
A subtle silicone membrane located around the nose acts as a deflector so that the hot air that leaves the nose when compensating for the external pressure is not directed directly at the crystals, reducing the tendency to fogging that is common in small volume masks.
Inclined glasses that are extended by smooth curved lines above the cheekbones, improving lower visibility. The very thin frame and the studied coupling with the delicate area of ​​the frontal bone optimize the superior visibility without damaging the adaptability.
The buckles, anchored to the frame for optimal mask stability and tension always to be determined by the user, are completely folding and tiltable in all directions. Therefore, the possibility of breakage is almost impossible. This type of anchorage also improves the stability of the mask, since the tension of the strip occurs on a rigid element and the movements of the tube do not affect the facial.


Completely new tube, initially studied for spearfishing but that combines special virtues also suitable for diving or snorkeling.
The tube material is especially flexible polyurethane and has a 100% elastic memory after being flexed, folded or even knotted on itself even for days.
The section of the tube walls is designed to maintain the necessary rigidity in the pressure zone of the mask strip so as not to damage the air circulation in this area in case it is used held by the mask strip.
The very comfortable mouthpiece has a design that combines different thicknesses to favor its orientation and relieve the user's jaw of tension. The area in contact with the gums is exceptionally flexible and of minimal thickness. The nozzle / tube connection is especially safe against possible accidental separation.
Available colors: White, Metal Blue, Black, Green.

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May 1, 2020
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