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Kit Marea Vip Junior Cressi

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Marea Junior is a snorkeling mask of Cressi.
Snorkel Mask 100% suitable for multipurpose diving, snorkeling and diving children. Also very durable and versatile for use in underwater diving centers and tourism. The design of the frame of the glasses has been minimized in diving and glass thickness is slightly angled for improved visibility vertical and horizontal. The new diving mask buckles are pivoting 360 degrees in all directions thanks to its flexible anchor and micro pushbutton control with one hand. Silicone Skin with a percentage of more than 85% of adaptability. Silicone strip.

Top Junior Cressi snorkel.
Small size snorkel designed especially for women and children. Snorkel transparent unbreakable material with flexible connection system to mask adjustable in height. Deflector antiesquitxades limiting water entry due to the surge. Silicone angled nozzle has been designed to offer a high comfort even with extended use. Wastegate elliptical bottom for easy emptying snorkel.

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ADM 1000064
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Oct 1, 2012
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