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Buoy Rope Folder Cressi

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Resistant, very light and very visible, the float rope folder is an essential accessory to regulate easily and quickly the amount of buoy floating line that we need in each phase of the day avoiding annoying and dangerous tangles.

Solid structure with a semi-flexible plastic material of great resistance and buoyancy.

Its new design integrates a handle and one of the oversized horns. In both cases its design also allows both the winding of the cable longitudinally and transversely for quick release.

Four matching pairs: two of them closed and two with quick locking lace.

It has a great capacity of corporal in spite of its moderate dimensions (30 cm). Up to 70 m with 6 mm cable.

Available colors: orange-red fluorine, yellow fluorine and alpine white.

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ETA 613000A
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May 22, 2007
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