Gara Carbon Cressi Team 2.0 Cressi

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New Cressi carbon fin with 5 different levels of hardness suitable for each of the fishing situations or for different types of users: XLD, LD, MD, HF, XHF.

Made with exclusive carbon made with 12,000 thread count (12k) strands.

This carbon allows an extremely resistant construction with a minimum number of sheets due to its high density.

Angle of the blade of 29º progressive (10 cm of arc).

Studied placement of the angle so that the position of the blade is an extension of the tibia without the need to force the instep.

This feature relaxes various muscles of the leg and foot during fluttering with a notable increase in comfort and a reduction in fatigue and lactate accumulation.


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ABH 108740
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May 29, 2023
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