Vigo Cressi Cressi

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Medium, flat and ergonomic knife, with a quick fixing / removal system that prevents accidental loss of the knife, since to remove it from the holster it is necessary to press simultaneously two pushbuttons.
The grip is minimalist, with a very flat section, ergonomic and covered with non-slip rubber for a secure grip.
The blade is made of tempered 401 stainless steel. The duration of these benefits is guaranteed not only by the sharpening itself but by the quality of the material that guarantees the durability of the cutting edge.
The section of the blade is rhomboidal for greater resistance to bending and breaking. One part has a smooth edge and the other part is partially serrated and with a cutter.
It can be adapted in the calf by means of strips of rubber with buckle or in the belt.

Technical characteristics:

Total length: 235 mm

Blade length: 118 mm

Width of blade: 25.2 mm

Blade thickness: 5 mm

Weight single knife: 147 g

Weight with sheath: 217 g


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BRC 555000
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Jun 6, 2017
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