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High range ultralight 2nd stage, with mixed composition of sound-absorbing semi-flexible technopolymers and buzzer dampers.

Pneumatically balanced mechanism that guarantees an exceptional smooth-flow ratio and abundant and calibrated air supply, without the need for a very pronounced Venturi effect.

Dive-Predive deflector to manage the Venturi effect. No metal elements in the assembly.

Elliptical Shape, that allows a lever arm even larger than much bigger regulators, with an optical effect of much smaller dimensions and greater comfort. Reduced dimensions 7.5 x 6 cm and the lightest of the balanced models on the market with only 182 g.

Oversized intake diaphragm for a greater inspiratory softness, the largest in its category: 2810 mm2, 12%, larger than the high range models of the competition. Disc in contact with the lever covered with Teflon, to reduce friction between the lever and the disc.

Pivoting wide angle lever, very reinforced to accurately transmit the inhalation effort and with minimal friction with the membrane disc.

Maximum inspiratory effort of less than 4 Mbar with a total breathing work of 0.60 Joule/l, four times below the EEC regulations. Flow rate of 2500 l/min (with 1st stage T10).

Possibility of removing all the mechanism from the box with ease, which greatly facilitates maintenance operations.

Heat exchanger located inside the housing that prevents freezing of air when diving in cold water.

Improved exhalation zone to reduce expiratory effort without compromising the tightness of the zone since it is not necessary to reduce the thickness of the diaphragm. The design of the exhalation diaphragm retention system steer the flow to 100%, channelling it towards the nozzles of the exhaust cover, benefiting from a powerful Venturi effect and removing the bubbles from the visual field without the need to oversize the exhaust cover.

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DHX 880000
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May 15, 2020
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